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Swim Meet News
(Last updated 11/24/15)

10/24/2015   RESULTS: Go For The Gold - RVCC
11/01/2015   RESULTS: Gingerbread Mini Meet
11/7/2015   RESULTS: Xcel Fall Fest
11/21/2015   RESULTS: Peddie Thanksgiving 8U
11/21/2015   RESULTS: Wahoos Thanksgiving
12/06/2015   ENTRIES: Wahoos Snowman Mini
12/11/2015   ENTRIES: Holiday Classic
12/12/2015   ENTRIES: Snowflake Meet


NJ Swimming Short Course 2015-16 Meets

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JCC Mission Statement

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I M P O R T A N T   D A T E S
Sun, Nov 29 @ 6pm Gold & Gold Elite Winter Social, Pizza Party & Gifts
Tues, Dec 1 @ 7pm Tide Parent Board Meeting

Welcome to the Bridgewater Tide
2015-16 Short Course Season!

2015-16 TIDE Meet Schedule
Practice Groups Schedule

SWIM MEET CHECKLIST: What to bring, what to expect and how to be prepared!

For a great checklist of what to bring, what to do and how to best be prepared for SWIM MEETS, go to the 'Athlete Info' tab above and select 'General Meet Info' or click here.

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Swimming & Nutrition News:
"Fueling a Fitter & Faster Swimmer"

Nutrition has an enormous impact on a swimmer's performance. Without
enough energy or calories coming in, you cannot expect your body to respond quickly to the high demand of our sport...

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Jennifer Brunelli, , MS RD LDN is a 7 time All American swimmer from the University of South Carolina.  She was runner-up National Champion in both the 100 and 200 frees at the 2004 Div 1 NCAA Championships and competed in the 2004 Olympic Trials in the 50, 100, and 200 freestyles.  Read more of Jenn's bio in the article!

Swimming Excellence:
"Why Morning Workouts Are the Secret Pride of Swimmers Everywhere"

No one outside of the sport can even begin to understand the dichotomy because swimmers themselves don’t even fully understand the complicated relationship with morning workouts...
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nutritionSwim Parenting Resources:
"6 Ways Swim Parents Can Encourage Great Swimmer-Coach Relationships"
Coaches have such an impact on our kids’ lives. Our kids may look back on their coaches as some of the most influential people shaping their goals and dreams...

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Coach's Corner

July 2015 - The TIDE Finishes 10th in the State for the 2015 Long Course Season & Sends 2 Swimmers to NCSA Junior Nationals!
The Tide had a great summer! Our Long Course team was 118 swimmers strong and had a very successful season. We took 31 swimmers to LC Junior Olympics, and finished 10th overall in the state out of over 50 teams. The Tide had an impressive 11 top 3 Individual finishes. For the first time ever, the Tide sent two swimmers, Doug Quagliato and Riley Pestorius, to the NCSA Junior National Long Course Championship meet in Indianapolis.
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