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Swim Meet News
(Last updated 6/26/16)

05/21/2016   RESULTS: Spring Fling @ Wahoos
06/05/2016   RESULTS: EEX Miles Middies
06/17/2016   RESULTS: Peninsula Summ Splash
06/18/2016   RESULTS: JW Summer Solstice
07/01/2016   INFO: BAC Friday Night Races
07/01/2016   ENTRIES: BAC Friday Night Races
07/01/2016   INFO: SVY Independence
07/01/2016   ENTRIES: SVY Independence

(BAC Friday Night & SVY Independence Meets)

NJ 2016 Long Course Meets

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The first half of the 2015-16 Tide season has been a great success!
Thirty-one swimmers represented the Tide at Holiday Classic, the most competitive mid-season meet in New Jersey. Holiday Classic swimmers saw a combined total of 135 personal best times...
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JCC Mission Statement

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I M P O R T A N T   D A T E S
Sunday, June 26th, 8:30 Start Danielle Fedortion 5K Race (all swimmers)
Monday, June 27th First Day of Long Course Summer Schedule
Tuesday, June 28th, 9-9:30am National Team: Mindfulness training

Welcome to the Bridgewater Tide
2016 Long Course Season!


Let's get ready for another great TIDE SEASON!

2016 TIDE Long Course Meet Schedule
LC Practice Groups Schedule

SCRIP FUNDRAISER: How to make your everyday purchases earn money for the team!
Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases such as groceries, gas, and dining using gift cards or an e-wallet ("Presto Pay") instead of cash or debit/credit cards. For more info on how to set-up your FREE account and get started today, please visit 'Fundraising > Shop with Scrip' under 'Parent Info' or click here.

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Congratulations to our Tide Swimmers
on their Collegiate Swimming Commitments!

Doug Quagliato

2016-17 Committed to:
University of Connecticut, Div I

Ross Bernstein

2016-17 Committed to:
Binghamtom University, Div I


Danielle Hoffner

2016-17 Committed to:
Springfield College, Div III

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Swimming & Nutrition News:
"8 Nutritional Recommendations for Swimmers"

Nutrition is the one part of most athletes’ training that gets neglected. I have studied nutrition for seven years and have plenty of experience working with people that struggle with nutrition...

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Swimmer Excellence:
"6 Ways to Train Smarter This Year"

No matter how this season went for you, regardless of whether championship season went the way you hoped it would last fall, the onset of a fresh season is creeping upon us, soon to give you a clean slate to start your swimming anew....
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nutritionSwim Parenting Resources:
"21 New Year's Resolutions for Swim Parents"
The New Year provides a golden opportunity to reflect on our swim parenting skills. Are we adding to the swim experience—or detracting from it?...

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